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Volume Two

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♥ Can love alter destiny? ♥

A deadly game. Four levels of lethal competition. Can I slay the monsters and be the last outcast standing?

My name is Harla Flint, and I’m an elemental. I should be graduating from the prestigious Magic Blood Academy just like my parents did years ago. Instead, I’ve been in juvie for their deaths. Detention sucks, but it gave me plenty of time to admire Kai Laramie from afar. 

When the popular Elemental Outcast Games accepts my application, I agree to compete in the latest season. So does Kai.

The odds of survival are minimal, but I’m no quitter. Besides, we have two months of PR and marketing for the show before it begins. That gives Kai and me time to get to know one another. 

Did I mention he’s gorgeous, mysterious, and makes me want to fall in love?

If I win the games, the show promised I’ll be free to start over. But when it comes down to it, will I have the heart to defeat the only person who knows the real me? 

Let the Elemental Outcast Games begin!


This story is told in the same world as the Wolf Blood Academy and contains four volumes. Click on the titles below to purchase. Each volume is only 99¢ for a limited time or FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. 


Elemental Outcast Games: Fire

Elemental Outcast Games: Water

Elemental Outcast Games: Earth

Elemental Outcast Games: Air