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My name is Faith Ghraves, and I'm a detective in the small town of Eerie Valley, just outside of Los Angeles, California. A few months ago, I started to see the spirits of the recently deceased. On one fateful night, I accidentally touched one and, without knowing how sent the spirit to the afterlife.

No one knows my secret because how would I tell them?

Instead, I pretend to be just an average woman with a badge and gun.

There are two cases my partner and I are working. The first is that of a child who's gone missing. The second involves dead strippers. The FBI is also involved. They believe the murders are the work of a twisted serial killer, and they want to use me as bait.

That means going undercover. As a stripper. The prospect is terrifying. Even scarier than seeing the dead. But I never was one to back down from a bad situation.

As we uncover more about each case, it becomes apparent nothing in this town is ordinary, and the supernatural is everywhere.


Eerie Valley Supernaturals series: 






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