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*** Read the complete Immortal Essence series by RaShelle Workman in this collection. Nearly 900 pages! ***



On Princess Venus’s planet of Kelari, her people go through a change at the age of sixteen, one that takes them from mortality to immortality. But on her birthday, before the change can take place, she’s hurled to Earth. It’s a planet she can’t survive on for long.

After pleading with the Gods, her guardian, Zaren, counsels that the only way Venus can return home is if she helps someone find his soul mate. That seems like a simple task. From her Earth Studies classes, she’s learned humans fall in love easily. But when she meets Michael, her attitude changes. He’s broken, angry, and incredibly arrogant. Venus doesn’t even know if he can love.

With time running out and evil forces from her planet, as well as Earth, trying to destroy her, she focuses on helping Michael heal and find love. Because her life, her planet, and her people are depending on her success. If she doesn't triumph, she'll die, but if she does, she might lose her heart.

* This is the complete 167,000 word YA fade-to-black science fiction & fantasy romance. There is light swearing, sensuality, and some violence and gore. *

Praise for this series:

"Michael and Venus have probably been the best pairing/couple that I've read about this year! GO READ THIS BOOK! You will love it. Seriously." ~ Nancy, reviewer Tumbling Books

"Writing that moves readers to ponder their hearts is good writing, and that's what readers will find with Workman. Her protagonist is strong-willed, her antagonist is easy to hate, and her mentor is easy to love." ~ Kathleen Brebes

"What a ride!" ~ Taffy Lovell


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