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Love Sweet Romance?

Love Cozy Mysteries? 

Read the first full-length book in the Fable Town Mystery series. 


One family curse, a whole lot of cookies, and a dash of sweet romance equal a recipe for magical disaster in Fable Town.

After Ana gets an emergency phone call that someone tried to kill her sister, Ana's ex-husband agrees to fly her to her hometown of Fable Town, Montana. While there, strange things begin to happen.

There's a talking opossum, strange occurrences with no explanation, except it must be magic, not to mention the multiple attempts on her life.

Is she cursed, or is it just bad luck?

Determined to figure out who wants her dead, she reluctantly enlists her ex's help. Plus, with her sister in the hospital, she agrees to make dozens of cookies for a wedding.

Will Ana be able to find the would-be murderer before it's too late? And will she and her ex get their fairy tale ending?

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