The Fairytale Chronicles Book One 


As part of orphan Catriona’s fairytale final exam, she must serve as Belinda’s maid while the Royal competes for the prince’s attention and the chance to become his fiancé and the future queen of Starlea. Catriona should be thrilled with her position since Belinda is his number one romantic possibility. Plus, succeeding means Catriona will graduate top of her class and have her pick of any job in the kingdom. 


But Catriona has a secret. She kissed the prince! And she liked it. A lot. Since that fateful day, she and the prince have been meeting. If anyone finds out, she’ll be banished or worse, killed.


And then there’s the strange Nyght students no one really talks about. Except Morgana. Full of magic and more than a little scary, the fairy godmother wants something from Catriona.


In the end, Catriona must decide whether failing her fairytale exam is worth falling for the prince. Or if she should give it all up and choose her enchanted destiny?