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Magic Blood Academy series

♥ Can love alter destiny? ♥

My name is Harla Flint, and I’m an elemental. My magic comes from the monsters within the peculiar forest called the Shade Rasa, not that I completely understand how. That's because I've been in juvie for murdering my parents, even though I have no memory of how it happened.

Still, attending the Magic Blood Academy Juvenile Detention Center has one perk. Kai Laramie. Too bad he's a jerk and a bully.

When the popular Elemental Outcast Games accepts my application, I agree to compete in the latest season. So does Kai.

The odds of survival are minimal, but I’m no quitter. Besides, we have two months of PR and marketing for the show before it begins. That gives Kai and me time to get to know one another.

Did I mention he’s gorgeous, mysterious, and makes me want to lose my heart?

If I win the games, the show promises I’ll be free to start over. But when it comes down to it, will I have what it takes to defeat the only person who knows the real me?

Can love alter destiny? I guess I'm about to find out.

Let the Elemental Outcast Games begin!


Magic Blood Academy series:

Volume 1 ~ Elemental Outcast Games: Fire

Volume 2 ~ Elemental Outcast Games: Water

Volume 3 Elemental Outcast Games: Earth 

Volume 4 ~ Elemental Outcast Games: Air

Volume 5 ~ Elemental Outcast Games: Shadow 

Volume 6 ~ Elemental Outcast Games: Monster 

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