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Welcome to Broomstick Bay!

Here the electricity is glitchy, the townsfolk are witchy, and Ruby has a catastrophic secret that is clawfully twitchy.

Zucchini Cake and Zombies AMAZON LARGE.jpg

Non-practicing witch Ruby Crosswell doesn't plan on staying in her hometown of Broomstick Bay for long. She's only back for her reunion and to see her high school crush.

The event starts with a dusting of romance. But too soon, the festivities curdle when Ruby's rival is found murdered. Predictably, Ruby is at the top of cranky detective Lance Wolfton's suspect list. It doesn't help that they dated a few times, and then she left without saying goodbye.

Forced to stick around, and with her old life glazed in scandal, Ruby agrees to help in her family's bakery. And that's when things get weird.

First, she's struck by a wayward spell and changed into a black and white tabby cat.

Second, as she's cutting through the graveyard on four legs, she witnesses the murder victim dig herself out of the ground. Zombie-nemesis then tries to use Ruby as a midnight snack.

What the ever-loving fluff? It seems that some witch is out to destroy Broomstick Bay one zombified body at a time.

Between baking zucchini cake and trying to prove her innocence, Ruby is desperate to reverse the spell that changes her into a cat at the most inopportune times. But it'll take all nine of Ruby's lives to solve the case and rid Broomstick Bay of the zombie problem.



Zucchini Cake and Zombies 

Wedding Cake and Werewolves (coming 7/2023)

Vanilla Cake and Vampires (coming 11/2023)

Upside Down Tart and Unicorns

Tiramisu and Trolls

Funnel Cake and Fairies

Eclairs and Elves

Donuts and Dragons

Apple Crisp and Angels

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