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Coming 6/23/23

Welcome to Broomstick Bay! Here the electricity is glitchy, the townsfolk are witchy, and Ruby has a catastrophic problem that is clawfully twitchy.

Everyone loves a good wedding, and the residents of Broomstick Bay are no exception. It doesn’t matter that we’re in the dead of winter and temperatures are ferocious. The festivities are going to be positively howling.

My name is Ruby Crosswell, and I’m a newly re-practicing witch. Not only that, but I can turn into a cat. It’s one heck of a trick, but don’t ask me how I do it. I’m still working on the logistics.

Besides, our bakery is three tiers deep into the cake for Heath Banner and his werewolf intended, Fern Franklin. Despite the freezing climate, she wants a pink cake swaddled in hot pink frosting and topped with pink flowers. The finishing touches are nearly done when a pack of werewolves tears through the bakery, destroying the cake.

In their wake, they leave the store demolished and a dead body in the street. According to the newly appointed medical examiner, he was killed by a werewolf bite. Now all of the bride-to-be’s family are suspects, and Heath wants me to prove her family innocent.

But I think it’s more than that. Heath is hiding something, and I’m determined to find the truth. So, I agree to help. What I don’t expect is to discover that Sheriff Wolfton is harboring a secret of his own.

Time to put on my catsuit and meow my way through the clues. Because the town is expecting a wedding and I always was a sucker for a happily ever after.

PreOrder HERE. 

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