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Coming 4/24/24

Ruby Crosswell is a witch, but she's more than that. She can shift into a black-and-white cat. Not all the time. And not always when she wants. But she's working on that.

After finishing the renovations for Broomstick Manor, Ruby is still trying to figure out what to do with the place. It's way too big for one person to live in alone. Thankfully, she's distracted. Her parents have her making upside-down tarts for Lemon Tillwater. She's hosting the grand opening of her magical creatures preserve.

But before the tarts have even cooled, Lemon's groundskeeper is murdered, and it looks like a unicorn did it.

Sheriff Lance Wolfton begs Ruby to stay out of the way and far from the case, but she can talk to suspects he can't. Suspects of the animal kind. So, Ruby is back to cat-sleuthing four paws at a time.

Pretty quickly, it becomes clear someone or something doesn't want the preserve to open and will go to deadly lengths to make sure it doesn't happen. Good thing Ruby still has six lives.


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