Two men from completely different backgrounds. One chance to defeat her demon sire. Alice has a shot at completing her final trial, but the angel realm is no Wonderland.

After a heartbreaking loss, Alice is mostly recovered and happier than she's ever been. Until the Devil forces her into the angel realm. 

Ordered to attend the Seraph Academy with other misfit students, Alice soon discovers angels have weaknesses too. There's a war raging between two factions, and Alice is caught in the middle thanks to a centuries-old prophecy. 

With the help of a talking weapon, Alice must figure out how she fits into the angel realm, complete the Devil's final trial, and hope her heart and the man she loves can remain intact when it's all over. 

★★★ Alice Ignites Demonland is the fourth book in the #1 bestselling Demonland series. If you like unputdownable storytelling, well-developed characters, and a magical romance, then you'll love RaShelle Workman's fast-paced and fun reimagined take on Alice in Wonderland. ★★★

✓ #1 in Paranormal Fantasy

✓ #1 in Horror

✓ #1 in Teen Romance

✓ #1 in Science Fiction & Fantasy

✓ #1 in Fairy Tales & Folklore

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Demonland Series

Alice in Demonland

Alice Fights Demonland

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Alice Ignites Demonland

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