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Coming 9/1/23

Fable Wood Witches love their midnight fairs.

But beware of antiquated artifacts full of nefarious magic and the wicked witchy murder.


Witch and one-time archeologist Gardenia Crescent is nearly thirty and in need of a serious change. She’s had her fair share of gnome stalkers, vampire thugs, and a dead ex-fiancé. So when her cousin asks for help with a newly acquired antique amulet, she jumps at the opportunity.


Returning to her cozy small town of Fable Wood starts on a high note. And then Gardenia goes to the fair and a witch is found dead, wearing the amulet Gardenia was supposed to be figuring out. 


Suspicion falls on Gardenia's cousin as the lead suspect, and the local authority, Warren Prince, appears all too eager to pin the blame. As Gardenia digs through the clues, she is thwarted at every turn by Warren.


Things go from bad to worse when a sinister charm thrusts Gardenia into another land. What should have been impossible is suddenly a stark reality, bleeding into Fable Wood. Castles rise, dragons speak, and fiends emerge, blurring the lines between fact and fiction.


Even the formidable Warren seems changed by the merging of worlds, revealing a hypnotic and romantic side. With time running out, Gardenia must prove her cousin's innocence before the killer strikes again, and Fable Wood and its witches become an archaic memory. 


Can Gardenia excavate the connection between the murder, her cousin's magic shop, and the harm the artifacts of mystical origins are having on Fable Wood before it's too late?


Sinister Charm Casualty
Poisoned Amulet Assassination
Cursed Hypnosis Homicide
Betrayed Monster Massacre

Malevolent Sigil Slayed

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