Book Two in the Gods and Paranormals Series

The gods are after Will and Lucy. It doesn’t matter whether they go forward or backward in time, the two of them are constantly in jeopardy. 

Their adventures are no longer exciting, but dangerous. Thankfully, this time they have help from the Duke of Vladimir, Lucy’s lady’s maid, and the dashing Dashel Rothchild, Lucy’s intended. 

After concocting a plan, Will and Lucy travel to the countryside where they find the secrets they’ve been searching for. They also receive a mystical gift from the most unlikely of places. But will it be enough to defeat the gods? 

As Will and Lucy’s feelings for each other deepen, so does the gods’ ability to track them, and they won’t stop until Will and Lucy are eternally separated.


Now Available for .99 Cents or Free on KU.


Be sure to pick up book one: GODDESS CURSE and read it first. 

Can Will and Lucy discover the secrets of the locket or will the curse of the goddess destroy them both?

Betrothed to a man she doesn’t love, eighteen-year-old Lucy Channing longs for a way out of the stifling life of the haut ton and into adventure. When the ghost of her dead grandmother gives her a copper locket and Lucy is whisked forward in time, that is exactly what she gets. 

William Godwin is an adventurer by nature. At a moment’s notice, he’s off on a private jet in search of an unknown relic or the sarcophagus of an Egyptian royal. But when he meets Lucy, the real expedition begins. 

Somehow, she’s been sent forward in time. But that’s not all. The goddess Bastet is involved.  Neither Lucy or Will can tell whether she wants to help or hinder, but one thing is certain. The goddess is entangled in their lives for her own selfish purpose and they must discover why before lives are devastated, and Lucy vanishes for good.


Now Available for .99 Cents or Free on KU. 

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