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Coming 11/17/23

Welcome to Broomstick Bay! Here the electricity is glitchy, the townsfolk are witchy, and Ruby has a catastrophic secret that is clawfully twitchy.

he Crosswells are celebrating Grandy's birthday (we don't discuss her age unless we are willing to be cursed with warts in unspeakable places) with a big party at Coven House, and I'm in charge of the cake.

My name is Ruby Crosswell, and I'm a newly re-practicing witch. Not only that, but I can turn into a cat. It’s one heck of a trick, but don’t ask me how I do it. I’m still working on the logistics.

When a vampire interrupts the celebration, the sweet and powdered festivities turn bloodsucking. The vampire, Christopher, demands that Grandy right a spelled wrong she cast five decades ago. If she doesn't, he'll kill all of the town's witches.

But Grandy can't remember what she did, and the vamp refuses to enlighten her.

When our coven leader is found dead and drained of their blood, Sheriff Wolfton is sure Christopher did it. But how does one stop a vampire? Turns out it isn't easy. A stake to the heart is messy but not fatal.

And then the vampire does the unthinkable and asks me to help prove his innocence. In return, he'll reveal how to fix my cat problem. Reluctantly, I agree. But it's a good thing I have seven lives remaining. I have a feeling my cat is going to need at least one.


Get it HERE!
Zucchini Cake and Zombies
Wedding Cake and Werewolves
Vanilla Cake and Vampires
Upside Down Tart and Unicorns (2024)
Tiramisu and Trolls (2024)
Funnel Cake and Fairies (2024)
Eclairs and Elves (2024)
Donuts and Dragons (2025)
Apple Crisp and Angels (2025)

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