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Available 4/7/23

New town. New job. New supernatural power. I reap the dead, and there's plenty of work in Eerie Valley.

Recently fired from the Eerie Valley police department, and with too much time on my hands, I jump at the chance to help Snow White, the vampire queen, hunt down a rogue group of vampires.

Instead of vamps, we find a flock of fairies performing a ritual.

Ever watched a fairy die? Snow and I did, which was apparently prohibited. In retribution, the fairy queen swore a curse upon us. Now, I'm witnessing things about myself that make no sense—something about a fiery sword and a realm full of angels.

And then there's Snow. She isn't acting the way I always thought a queen should. Instead, she's making googly eyes at Hot FBI Agent. The man that's supposed to be mine. Except he isn't. But that shouldn't matter because Snow is married.

Add to that an America's Miss Beautiful contestant gone missing, an unwelcome ghost as a houseguest, an ex-partner on the prowl for blood, a werewolf in heat, and a flirtatious angel who hates wearing a shirt, and you can see my life is the opposite of boring.

As much as I want to do everything on my own, I'll need Hot FBI guy's help to save the contestant. Alice and Wrythe will need to help get Snow under control. And in the process, I'll hopefully find a way to reverse the fairy queen's bleeping curse before Snow, and I do something we regret.

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