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♥ Can love alter destiny? ♥

The Wolf Blood Academy gave me an ultimatum. Attend and take my place in the pack or my family suffers the consequences.

One bite changed my whole life. Until that fateful moment, no one told me I descended from an ancient legacy of wolves.

Determined to keep my family safe, I enter the Wolf Blood Academy, but acceptance isn’t official until I pass their initiation. A series of challenges meant to discover my rank among the classes. With my genetics, the tests should be easy, but I haven’t had years of training like the others. 

Even with my focus on surviving, that isn’t enough to keep me away from Wyatt Wright. He’s beyond gorgeous and so tempting. I crave him. 

But everything in me says I need to stay away. Prove myself.


I will do anything for my family, even become the enemy so I can take them down from the inside. 

Unless Wyatt takes me down first. 

Maybe that won’t be a bad thing. 

Can love alter one's destiny? I guess I’m about to find out. ♥


Wolf Blood Academy: Initiation

Wolf Blood Academy: Induction

Wolf Blood Academy: Inheritance 

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