Wolf Blood Academy 3 Final - Full Size 2



♥ Can love alter destiny? ♥ The Wolf Blood Academy gave me an ultimatum. Either attend and take my place in the pack, or my family suffers the consequences. 

I did everything the Academy asked of me. I became a Legacy and attended school like the rest of the students. But that wasn't enough. 

Thanks to my family's secrets, I've been accused of murder, kidnapped, and sold to the highest bidder. A Vampire Blood Royal named Devante Vladimir. 

He wants me as his bride, but he wants me to prove myself first by participating in a deadly hunt where I'm the prey. If I agree and survive, I become his wife, but if I don't, he'll kill the man I love.

Will I have the strength to win? Most importantly, if I do succeed, will the man I'm bonded to forgive me for breaking his heart?

Can love alter destiny? There's only one way to find out, which means I must claim my inheritance and become the Wolf Blood I was born to be. 


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