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Vampire Blood Academy

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Can love alter destiny? Ask me after I’ve had my fill of Bram Helsing’s blood.

My name is Tallulah Vladimir, and I’m pushing twenty. Up until a few days ago, I was homeless. Now it seems I’m the sole heir to one of the last Royal vampire bloodlines.

With this new information comes a requirement to attend the Vampire Blood Academy. The prospect of learning with a bunch of uppity vampire snobs is not my idea of a good time. But Harla and Diana help.

The worst part about attending school is Bram Helsing. He’s everything I dreamed of in a guy, especially his vivid amber eyes. Plus, he and I had one hot night together a few weeks ago, when I was just a homeless chick, and he was drunk and in a partying mood.

Now, he refuses to acknowledge me, except when he’s threatening me into keeping his secret—or kissing me senseless.

But Bram is the least of my problems. My new friends believe I’m the final piece in their trio destined to help Mother Earth.

When Bram is taken, I get reckless and go after him. Because I have a secret too and need to tell him before it’s too late.


Vampire Blood Academy:

Vampire in Training

Monster Trials

End Times

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