My name is Jasmine and I am an original vampire. To me, that meant living in the land of Sharra with my mom and dad, the king and queen. It also meant that I had wings firmly planted on my back and oodles of magic at my fingertips. It sounds amazing now, but for years I despised those unique qualities about myself. Instead of embracing my differences, I longed to be normal. I wanted to live in the human realm. Attend a regular high school, find a boyfriend, and receive my first kiss. One day, I met a genie named Laeddin and he granted my wish. That was a few months ago. A lot has happened since then. People have died. The world is dwindling in darkness. And a pestilence is turning all creatures into Akuma, demons whose only purpose is to serve the evil mistress, Maleficent. There is a single thread of hope. I must find a crown created by fairies thousands of years ago and use its power to stop Maleficent. The crown has been split into five fragments. I’ve already retrieved one piece, but there are still four to go. Laeddin believes he’s located a piece in the gargoyle realm, a land covered in steep mountains, jagged rocks, and gargoyles. They aren’t a very friendly bunch, but I will do whatever it takes to collect the remaining pieces and save the world.


#bloodandsnow #fairytales #twisted #aladdin #Jasmine #onceuponatime #books

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