THE Nephilim Academy

Angels rule Fallen City, but beyond their gilded wall, anything goes. My name is Mira, and I live in the Halo. For nobodies like my roommate, Ellie, and me, breaking the law is the only way to survive. Desperate to be free of my sleazy werewolf boss, I promise to steal a gem. The job goes horribly wrong, and somehow, Ellie and I wind up at the Nephilim Academy. Between crushing on my advisor and classes, I discover Ellie is keeping secrets, and I might be the thing I despise most. An Angel.

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“There’s more to life than training. There’s love, Alice Blackburn.

And you are in desperate need of it...” 

The Devil has given Alice an ultimatum and the fate of the Dark Moths and their Society rests in her hands. But should it? The Society is in chaos and there are those who question whether King Wrythe should still wear the crown or if he is a traitor. He must prove himself to his people all over again as well as fight against the one opposing him for the throne. Alice supports Wrythe one hundred percent and is determined to be there for him in any way possible. In fact, after what she saw deep in Demonland's underground, she would rather die than let Wrythe's opponent anywhere near the throne. 

Ever since she followed that blasted white rabbit down a demon hole, her life has also been consumed with the Trial of Three. It's affected her at every turn, including her feelings for Kade and the king. Thankfully, Professor Pops and Abernathy the dragon are there to back her up, even if they aren't allowed in Demonland.  

Kade is also there for her, though since he's completed his orders, he's been commanded to stay away. But he can't seem to help himself and Alice is glad. When she's with him, everything feels right. Their kisses have made her grateful she's the Queen of Hearts. If only there was a way to help his superiors see how great the two of them are together. 

With the final trial looming, she must choose between her people and her heart. Love and destiny. But giving up either isn't something she can live with.

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