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A Rapunzel reimagining set in the modern world. 

My first week of college, and I already had an embarrassing mishap with magical jungle juice. On the plus side, I also got my first toe-curling kiss. 


Too bad the guy with the amazing lips is off-limits. At least, he should be. ♥

After escaping my lonely prison, all I wanted was to attend Gothel Springs University. Filled with humans and supernaturals, it seemed the perfect place to hide. Even with a magical spell protecting me, there are those who know what I am, and they will do anything for my blood. That's why I've always stayed away from vampires. My parents taught me how to slay them before I learned how to ride a bike. 

But what if the man I'm beyond attracted to has become one?

I can't tell, and I don't want to because I want more of his kisses. I'm already half-way to falling for him. 


And with vampires, love is eternal. 



★ Eternally Entangled (10/23)

★ Thoroughly Tousled (11/6)

★ Infinitely Intertwined (12/4)


Available exclusively at Amazon.

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