Deadly Witch Final - Full

Deadly Witch: Seven Magics Academy Book Four

by RaShelle Workman

2019 All Rights Reserved. No part of this may be copied or duplicated in any way. Violators will be prosecuted. Thank you!


Chapter 1 

The streets of Salem, Massachusetts were quiet, which was unusual for a Saturday morning. Typically there were people in the market shopping or children playing in the park. It could be that it was before seven in the morning and none of the shops were open yet. Plus, we were in the middle of an alley behind several shops. The backs of the tall, brick buildings lined one side. Green trash bins rested against them. On the other side of the alley was a ten foot chain link fence that separated the shops from the enormous city building. There were no windows thankfully. We could do our magic without worrying that humans would see us.  

“Where is she, Cin?” Gabe asked. He seemed more on edge than usual as he searched the area. 

“I don’t know. I possess magic, but I’m not a GPS. We’re still going to have to look.” I crossed my arms, glaring. 

The air was damp and warm, causing my blue tank to stick to my back, not to mention the pool developing between my cleavage. Thankfully I put my hair in a ponytail. But my green camo pants, while great for carrying weapons and what not, had me wishing I wore shorts. 

Gabe had on jeans and a green tee shirt, the blades he began carrying when he became the leader of the chayot crossed behind his back. Thankfully the weapons were invisible to humans. So only the supernaturals had to worry. 

“Well you’d think your magic could be more accurate. You used a locater spell, right?” 

“Look Gabe—”

“Why don’t you both go left, and I’ll go right,” Professor Pops said, giving us a look that said we were annoying. I agreed, but it wasn’t me. It was mostly Gabe. The dude needed to chill.

Normally, Professor Pops wore sweaters and dress slacks, but today he had on pants similar to mine as well as a black tank. The vampire was more than six hundred years old, but he was still hot—for an old guy. 

“You got it,” Gabe said. 

It bugged me Gabe felt like he needed to be here. Pops and I could handle the girl fine, but my angelic boyfriend felt duty-bound to make sure we didn’t use magic or compulsion to hurt humans we came in contact with. As a chayot, that was his job, but it was still irritating. 

I clenched my fists together as I followed after him. 

The witch we were after needed our help whether she realized it or not. Like me, she was born with magic. And like me, she didn’t find out until after her sixteenth birthday. 

It was a tough situation. The girl was in the foster care system. One of her foster brothers tried to thrust himself on her. In her fear and rage, she hurt him using magic. Not that the little asshole didn’t deserve it. He did. The problem was he kept blabbing that Sera was a witch. Since the new laws were passed in the human realm, we needed to find her before the police caught her and killed her.

The laws had been in place a year now. It wasn’t good. Governments tried to detain those supernaturals they caught. A few were still in detainee camps. Those that weren’t prisoners were used. Thankfully, Pops, his sons, Gabe, Snow, and I freed most of them. 

  Snow defeated Sharra a little more than three years ago. The human realm was just getting back to normal. Sort of. While I loved my best friend and appreciated her need to free all supernaturals, she made things difficult for the humans. They were completely taken aback by the sudden appearance of magical creatures wandering their streets, performing magic, and sucking blood.

Gabe spoke with the leaders of the human realm as well as Snow and the leaders of the other supernaturals and they all came to an accord. The supernaturals agreed to leave the human realm and Snow helped them create their own. Once most supernaturals were gone, the human leaders passed laws banning magic and supernaturals from their realm. Still, in many cases, there was no way to tell who the supernaturals were and those who weren’t. That left the human realm in a combustible condition, but things were better. 

Okay, not really. 

The biggest worry was the kids. Those who were born in the human realm with magic and didn’t know it. In some cases, the parents kicked them out. Others turned in their own kids to their government. 

The Seven Magics Academy wasn’t having that.

 Which was why Pops compelled the jerk who tried to hurt Sera. We went to the hospital where the guy was staying. He had a broken arm and some fractured ribs. I used magic to sneak us into the room and Professor Pops compelled the guy to forget the magic he saw Sera use. He also compelled the guy to be kind. 

I thought that was amazing, but Gabe didn’t like it. 

Have I mentioned I really like Pops? He’s awesome in more ways than one. 

“Over here,” Pops called. 

Gabe and I ran back to Pops. 

Sera was huddled against a trash bin, her back against the wall. She was dirty and her red hair was matted. 

“Don’t be afraid,” I said, standing in front of Pops and Gabe. Men weren’t what Sera needed to see at the moment.

“Leave me alone!” Sera put out her hand and Gabe went sailing back into the chain link fence. Pops helped him stand. I was impressed the girl could do magic without the need of a spell or incantation. I guessed her magic probably came from that of trolls and was mostly brute strength. I still didn’t know where my magic came from. 

“Hey,” I said, trying again, my hands out in supplication. “It’s okay. We aren’t going to hurt you. We are here to help.” 

She pushed herself against the wall and stood, her hand coming out again, and I knew things were about to get ugly.

Sure enough, this time she sent her magic into Pops. The vampire took a step back but repelled her with his own magic—that of a hunter. His eyes glowed red and he growled, flashing his fangs.

Sera’s eyes grew and cried out in pain. 

“Incomples. Slumberia.” I spoke the words softly and Sera’s eyes closed as her body slumped to the ground. “Let’s get her back to the Academy before anyone else gets hurt.”

“Agreed.” Pops picked Sera up like she weighed nothing.

“I’ll see you later,” Gabe said, kissing my cheek.

“Tonight after my shift at Bertilini’s?” I asked, meeting his gaze. 

“I’ll be there.” He smiled, but his body was stiff. He wasn’t over what Pops did to the jerk, but I didn’t care. Gabe would have to find a way to accept it. 

“Good.” I watched him walk to the end of the alley and turn the corner. 

Once Gabe was out of sight, I whispered the spell that opened a portal back into Sharra. Specifically the basement of the Seven Magics Academy. 

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